10 soups that are considered the best in the world that you should try

10 soups that are considered the best in the world that you should try

If pasta often gets everyone to agree, then other food is often unanimous, no matter where you come from: it’s soup, obviously. A comforting dish par excellence for some, an easy meal for others, soup can be ditched almost indefinitely because it is a versatile dish. So in every culture there are quite classic and traditional soup recipes. The American edition of CNN decided to compile its own list of the best soups in the world based on the book Soup: A Global History by Janet Clarkson. Here are 10 soups from this list that you should try at least once in your life.

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It is actually a very popular palm nut soup in Niger, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon. Its main ingredient is nothing but the pulp of the fruit of the oil palm, and is usually added with a whole bunch of different drugs that are often consumed in Africa.

Vietnamese pho

The traditional pho recipe is made with a meat broth to which rice noodles are added and optionally garnished with a range of ingredients such as coriander, soy sprouts, chili peppers or ginger. The secret of successful Pho? Let your broth simmer for hours for a pho to die for.


This soup is a great classic of Slavic cuisine. Its red color actually comes from beetroot, which is one of the main ingredients for making this soup. As a rule, other vegetables are added, such as carrots, garlic, tomatoes or cabbage, as well as pork or beef. In Poland, borscht is even one of the traditional dishes served at Christmas.


Originally from Marseille, bouillabaisse has spread throughout France and even crossed its borders, as it is easy to find a bouillabaisse worthy of the name in Belgium today. But be careful, in order to succeed, we will remember to refer to the Charter of Bouillabaisse, which dates from 1980, so as not to insert anything into it!

Caldo Verde

If you never know what to do with leftover cabbage, this recipe might be for you. In fact, caldo verde is mainly composed of this ingredient, which gives it its green color, and in order to respect tradition and the real recipe, we will definitely cut the cabbage into very thin strips. A recipe that is very popular in Portugal.


You may have heard of this traditional Algerian soup, which is eaten mainly during the month of Ramadan, but also in Morocco and Tunisia. It consists of meat, often lamb or mutton, vermicelli, and vegetables.

Chupe de Camarones

Chupe de Camarones literally translates as crayfish soup. This is a symbolic dish of Peruvian cuisine, mainly consumed in the south of Peru, where the recipe is made from the famous crayfish coming directly from the Majes valley river.


While the soup is usually drunk very hot, in Spain the soup is known for its success in its cold version, the famous gazpacho. It’s made from raw vegetables that we just mix and season. Among the ingredients that are almost systematically found there, we find tomatoes, onions and cucumbers.


This dish, which is widely consumed in Louisiana, consists of a wide variety of foods, however, there are almost always some basic principles such as roux, a mixture of oil or butter and flour, which is cooked until it turns brown and will play a bridging role. role in this dish.


Like chorba, harira is mainly consumed during Ramadan in Morocco to break the day of fasting. This is a very sophisticated soup dish that consists of tomatoes, chickpeas, celery stalks, lentils and plenty of parsley and coriander.

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