25 Ways to Remove Sun Tan Naturally

For many of us, the start of summer is a time of uncertainty. Sweaty skin, bad sweat odor, greasy hair, and of course, tanned skin. There is a wide range of products available in the market to solve these summer problems. But what about tanned skin? Slathering on sunscreen with a strong sun protection factor (SPF) on your skin may seem like a relief now, but in the long run, it can have negative effects on our skin.

Don’t panic anymore! Although tan will eventually fade, if you’re in a hurry, here are some natural ways to get rid of tan in no time!

  1. Lemon juice and honey
    The whitening properties of lemon juice help to naturally remove tan from the sun, while honey makes the skin smooth and soft. Take one spoon of lemon juice and add honey. Apply the mixture on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water, it will do wonders for your skin.

Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties, while lemon has whitening properties to give your skin a natural glow. You should do this procedure at least once a week. Also, don’t prolong the process and try to apply the honey on your face for the time mentioned above.

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  1. Turmeric & Bengal gram flour (besan) face pack
    If you want to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove sun tan, this turmeric face pack is definitely for you. Turmeric has the ability to fight against the strong rays of the sun and reduce the effects of tan on your skin. Mix two tablespoons of bengal gram flour with a pinch of turmeric, a little milk and one tablespoon of rose water. Apply this pack on your skin and leave it for 20 minutes and wash your face with cold water. You can also apply water to your dry face and gently massage your face.
  2. Face pack with lemon juice, cucumber and rose water
    Saturated lemon juice is good for getting rid of tan, but it’s not for everyone. Hence, it is recommended to always opt for face packs made with lemon juice. It was just like that. For this face pack, you need to mix one tablespoon of each ingredient in a bowl. Apply the face pack to the skin and leave it for 10-15 minutes until it dries. Rinse with cold water. Lemon juice reduces tanning and cucumber contains antioxidants that are good for the skin, protecting against inflammation and sun damage.

Like cucumber, rose water is rich in antioxidants that help maintain your skin’s pH balance, making it a better choice for those with sensitive skin.

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  1. Honey and papaya face pack
    Papaya is rich in vitamins A and C, and because it is a tropical fruit, it has a lot of water. It also contains an enzyme called pepsin, which is very helpful for skin healing as well as removing dead cells.

Papaya’s amazing exfoliating and whitening properties make it a perfect sun tan treatment option. The honey in this pack soothes and moisturizes the skin. To prepare the pack, mash 1/2 cup of papaya with a tablespoon of honey. Keep this pack on the tanned area for half an hour and wash it off with cold water.

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  1. Face pack with Masoor Dal, Tomato juice and Aloe vera
    These three extraordinary ingredients are a true blessing for your skin. But masoor dal and tomato juice help to get rid of sunburn. Aloe vera is 99% water and the remaining 1% contains vitamins and minerals.As it is a medicinal plant, it can be used in many forms as a gel or the leaves directly. Applying the gel to the affected area will provide instant relief as it holds too much water.

For the pack, make a paste from one cup of soaked masoor dal and add two teaspoons of tomato juice and aloe vera extract. Apply this pack on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

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  1. Tomato juice and yogurt
    It is always known that tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, B and potassium. It has lemon properties and is said to prevent wrinkles. The citric acid in tomato juice is a natural tan remover. Yoghurt moisturizes and soothes the skin and removes dark spots and pigmentation.

Mix one tablespoon each of tomato juice and yogurt. Apply the wrap to the skin. Leave it on for 1/2 hour before washing it off with cold water.

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