3 easy recipes for kids

3 easy recipes for kids

The spring charm of white, green or purple asparagus is undeniable and its season is short. Three ways to simply enjoy this luxury or choose a product for young and old!

Green, white or purple asparagus makes us see all the colors! A precious vegetable, its delicate production has long made it a sumptuous dish reserved for the aristocracy. It is too quickly forgotten that you can also harvest wild green asparagus from all over the Mediterranean Basin and enjoy it at a lower cost… It is this wild asparagus (of which there are a dozen more varieties) that has been domesticated since the 2nd century.and century BC Cultivated and prized by the Romans, it was already on the menu in Spain in the 8th century.and century and even in Byzantium in the XIand century.

A little forgotten in the West in the Middle Ages, it reappears in France in the 15th century.and century in Flanders, where we perfected its cultivation, especially the technical one, covering it with earth to keep it white. A luxurious vegetable, it was adored by the aristocracy, and the agronomist Jean-Baptiste de La Quintini, the creator of the royal garden in Versailles, even managed to grow it under a glass jar in December to please Louis XIV. Hence the reputation as an elite vegetable that has haunted it ever since, and the division between a strong-tasting green that grows outdoors without restraint, a softer white but devoid of light, and a purple that has only the top exposed to light.

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