First of all, there is no better way than to be renewed, refreshed and relaxed. Showering and bathing are necessary and inevitable, but they are also a way to pass the time after a long day. We are exposed to stress and natural detoxification processes every day and simply move while our bodies do what they need to do.

Sometimes, showering alone can be really tiring. But is not showering every day really harmless and harmful to our health and condition? Of course not! You can skip one day, but the next day you’re in trouble if you don’t shower. Let’s list the consequences:

1. Bad smell

Avoiding it makes us smell bad. Odor is created by the bacteria that live on our skin and produce waste products. Our sweat is also a way to detoxify our waste products, so our skin contains a lot of toxins and is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria after we sweat (and we sweat all the time because it’s our natural way of getting rid of toxins), especially at the gym. after. Therefore, taking a shower is the only way to get rid of sweat, odors and unpleasant odors.

2. Skin infection

If the germs and bacteria are not washed away, they multiply faster and spread infections, causing damage to the skin. It causes itching and inflammation of the skin. Washing our body is the most natural way to get rid of the possibility of infection.

3. Unpleasant, dirty skin

In addition to stinking, our skin becomes dirty, weak and simply unpleasant. The natural process of renewing the skin will continue, but the purity will be lost.

4. Hair loss

All of our skin will become flaky and the irritation will irritate the whole body, especially where the skin is most sensitive. Our hair begins to fall out because the hair follicles are full of sebum, which prevents the natural nourishment of the hair roots.

5. Stress

Taking a shower is the most natural way to relieve stress and depression, so you will feel more stressed and tense. Taking a shower basically heals any muscle, which often happens when we are under stress, which affects our body.

6. Violation of blood circulation

It also strengthens the immune system by gently massaging the lymphatic system and increasing blood circulation, so our cells work better to stay healthy within us. It is a natural way to heal the body.

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