7 Things No One Tells You About S.ex On Your Period

  1. Menstrual blood thickens
    Before we switched to cups or discs, most of us didn’t know that menstrual blood is more like soup than wine. It sounds corny, but we all remember the first time we poured our glasses. This makes the lava lamp style in the toilet amazing. If you say you’re not impressed, we don’t believe you!
  2. There is a learning curve & Backup is one thing
    Clickbait is real, and most of it is designed to scare you with horror stories or convince you that the cup is a vaginal unicorn that will change your life.

While we believe the cup will change your life, the tone of these posts and articles is often glitzy and salesy, and hides the not-so-glamorous aspects of learning to use a new menstrual product, like leaks. Leaks can occur, and knowing this can help you decide whether to be cautious of the wind or have backup protection such as underwear, padding, or joint support. If you find that it doesn’t fit the first time, try different bends and even different positions (easy, leg up, sitting). Find something that works for you rather than listening to the worst case scenarios on YouTube that are only meant to garner clicks.

  1. Your cervix moves
    You probably didn’t think much of your cervix before you started using a cup, but now you can’t escape it. Why? Because it all depends on which cup works best for you. Too long and it won’t fit / too short and you’ll get it on your hands. The quick and dirty version is to check your cervix at the beginning and end of your period before choosing a menstrual cup. Knowing where it is will help you feel more confident when buying a mug. It’s not uncommon for the cervix to be too high or too low, but it’s important to know before dropping $25-$40 into the cup.
  2. Cups can make noise
    We like to joke that the cup opens and closes inside you, but this pop is usually effective and only a select few can hear it inside. A real fun discovery is that the cup sometimes makes a noise when you remove it…if you’re not a fan, try tilting the cup a bit.
  3. It’s possible to have sex with him… Maybe
    INTIMINA’s reusable Ziggy-like menstrual disc is one way to have sex while holding your period. But did you know that some people have real cup sex? We’re not saying you have to do this, and no brand endorses it, but many users, including us, have discovered it by accident. Remember that the cup, your partner, and the position of the sex all play a role in how successful (or not) this is. Remember that your vagina stretches quite a bit when you wake up, so you should wait a little while until you lower your cup within reach. If you don’t have a disc, just playing with the tip can be harmless fun, but if you want regular “messy” sex, we think the Ziggy is a great solution.
  4. Poop can be a problem
    We’ve made and posted a whole video on pooping in a menstrual cup, but it’s worth mentioning again because so many people have had first-hand experience with it. In fact, this is a topic we see posted in our Facebook group. Basically, for some people, poop has no effect on wearing a menstrual cup. For others, it means lowering the cup during a bowel movement or having a cup makes it harder to pass a stool. If you notice that it’s bothering you, removing it before you leave is a simple way to deal with it.
  5. You might want to collect them all
    Ironically, what most people don’t see when they switch to cupping is that it becomes their new hobby. Jumping into a bowl takes a lot of courage. We don’t teach about mugs in school, and most of us don’t know anyone in real life who asks these “TMI” questions. That’s where the internet comes in, and you’ll find hundreds of cups in fun colors, soft silicone, and innovative shapes. Even if your first mug worked great, you might be drawn to a new mug just because it looks cool or has good reviews. If you feel that way, welcome to what we lovingly call The Cup Cult. You will fit right in!

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