Are packaged green salads healthy?

Are packaged green salads healthy?

Lettuce, batavia, lamb salad, arugula… More than half of salad lovers buy them in bags. Quick and practical, do these ready-to-eat salads have the same nutritional qualities as fresh salads?

Flavi Flaman makes this clear in We are here on RTL when she eats salad bought in a bag, she thinks she is “eating a salad with chemicals”. “We shouldn’t exaggerate, but they really chlorinated water treatment in small quantities, so there is usually almost nothing left without chlorine residues in a salad,” explains Patricia Chiropoulos, journalist 60 million consumers,

“With this (chlorinated water, ed.) microorganisms are washed out well, so there are no problems from the point of view of health (…) and with point of view on nutrition It’s not that bad. Scientists have confirmed this: vitamins such as B9, K and fiber are preserved all over the world. The only small problemit is a vitamin C that is extremely fragile and because there are many steps of cooking, cutting, washing, it can be destroyed during the manufacturing process,” adds Patricia Chayropoulos.

Should we wash lettuce sold in bags?

If you’re hesitant to wash your packaged lettuce, here’s how to do it. “ prepared salads, already washed and stored in refrigerators. So they usually don’t need to be washed. Then it might be not bad rinse them to remove any residual chlorine,” explains Patricia Chayropoulos. “You don’t lose anything by erasing them A bit more”, summarizes the journalist 60 million consumers.
“In general, two-thirds of them (salads sold in bags, ed.) are grown in France, with the exception of winter (…) rather from Italy or Spain, except for lamb salad, which is a winter salad. This is good, because the origin (of salads – ed. note) is not necessarily indicated on the package, ”she clarifies.from salads carefulwith specific characteristics and clearly not not damaged” continues Patricia Chayropoulos.

How long can they be stored?

You can store these salads in bags. “8 days” after purchase and as soon as you have open the bag keep them for one or two days in the refrigerator “at 4 degrees ideally”. “First of all, you must not eat them if you see brownish liquid at the bottom of the sachet, the fact is that microorganisms can develop,” warns Patricia Chayropoulos.
Salads sold in bags are “extremely practical, but there is a price, and it is on less than double the price or even more than a fresh salad.” The advantage of buying a salad in a bag is that “it’s practical, quick and allows you to prepare a vegetable quickly and quickly,” admits Patricia Chiropoulos.

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