Asparagus Cooking Tips

Asparagus Cooking Tips

Green, white, purple or wild, asparagus – which is harvested from April to June – returns to market stalls in early spring. Take advantage of this during these few months of presence and quickly! A vegetable that portends beautiful days brings with it many small dishes and snacks to prepare.

How to properly prepare asparagus before cooking

First, wash and wash your vegetables. You are probably wondering if you should peel asparagus ? We advise you to peel the white fruits, which are more fibrous than the green ones. Feel free to cut off a small piece of the foot if it seems stringy to you.

How long to cook asparagus?

cooking green asparagus can be steamed or boiled. It is recommended to boil them in salted water. It then takes 4 to 6 minutes to cook depending on the diameter of the stems. Check readiness by running a knife blade across the bottom. Then immerse them in ice water to stop cooking and keep the color of the asparagus. Finally, drain them.

cooking white asparagus longer. After cleaning them, cook in boiling salted water for 15-20 minutes. Take out the asparagus, pat dry and serve.

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Cook the asparagus in a bunch, a trick for even cooking

The stems take longer to cook than the tips. So don’t hesitate cook chopped asparagus, tips out of the water. It will be enough for the latter to simply plunge into boiling water for a few minutes at the end of cooking. you can make yours bunch of asparagus with food thread. This cooking technique is interesting: tie asparagus stick together and can hardly be broken.

Frying pan, another way to cook asparagus

In addition to boiling, you can roast asparagus in butter or oil. It is enough to let them cook under the lid for about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. Finally, cooked asparagus should turn golden and still a little firm.

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