Castelnaudary.  Guilhem Asparagus has arrived

Castelnaudary. Guilhem Asparagus has arrived

The most important
Green or white asparagus arrived at the Moulin de Guilhemes in Saint-Martin-Lalande. They herald spring and delight gourmets.

All over the world, spring is awaited with feverish impatience. In the United States, the quivering of a groundhog’s whiskers gives hope to the entire nation. In Europe, the slightest rustle of a swallow wing indicates that the frost is already far away. For us, it’s the white top of the asparagus and the opening of the farmer’s sale at Moulin de Guillem, in Saint-Martin-Lalande, which confirms that spring is here! So we will be told that the weather is still a little fluctuating, but we will stick to our traditions: when there is asparagus, good weather is just around the corner!

For three weeks now, Rémy and Bertrand Guillema have been hard at work harvesting their precious produce and satisfying demanding customers who are willing to travel many miles to get the freshest shoots, as they know: “When you buy asparagus from us, you can be sure that it was assembled less than 24 hours before. Every evening our wholesaler picks up everything that we did not sell directly during the day. We have been acting for many years in this way: the clientele trusts us and we put an end to the honor of playing the game of quality” , the Guillema brothers explain.

“She grows in clay”

Asparagus from Saint-Martin-Lalande is unique: it does not grow on this sand, which gives it a slight bitterness, it grows in light clay sprinkled with Freskel’s singing water. Softer than its gritty cousin, ground asparagus even has a slight nutty flavor when left in the sun and takes on the green hue of its wild cousin. Along with white asparagus, the queen of gourmet tables that Louis XIV demanded at any time of the year, Guillema offers purple and green asparagus in all possible sizes. “My son asked for a vinaigrette last Sunday to make some asparagus. I told him that Guillem asparagus was eaten just like that, no tricks!” says a passing customer who came to buy asparagus to offer it to his mother’s birthday. Boiled, with or without vinaigrette sauce, baked or velouté, it can be prepared according to a thousand and one recipes. In a few days, depending on the weather, another product will appear on the shelves of direct sales: a small violet artichoke, which also loves a good vinaigrette and is eaten in a salad. To stock up on these good products, all roads lead to points of sale: starting from D6113, there are many signs to help you get to your destination. Precisely on the road to Saint-Papoule, right on the edge of Fresqueles, you are greeted by the age-old plane trees: during the week you will attend the sorting and cleaning ballet, pick fresh spears from the ground and even take advantage of recipe tips if you lack inspiration. During a short production period from April to the end of May, the point of sale is open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.

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