Exquisite recipes for warm salads!

Exquisite recipes for warm salads!

Crispy and tasty at the same time, this warm salad is perfect for winter. More stable than a summer salad, it can also serve as an appetizer or main course. Baby spinach, rice or quinoa, we’re going to give you all of our classic and original basic ideas for your salad, as well as the ingredients to add to it. Try out our gourmet recipe ideas and enjoy!

Hot or warm ingredients:

  • Grains and legumes (wheat rice, quinoa, bulgur, lentils, potatoes, pasta, chickpeas)
  • From meat: chicken, meatballs, bacon pieces, smoked sausage, chicken liver gizzards, etc.
  • Seasonal vegetables: cabbage cooked in winter, roasted asparagus in spring, stewed broccoli in summer, and roasted nuts in autumn.
  • Cheeses: warm goat cheese

cold ingredients

  • Salad: lamb salad, baby spinach, arugula, red chicory, romaine lettuce in winter
  • Sausages: diced ham, speck, grison meat, raw ham, etc.
  • Cheeses: blue, county, emmental, gouda…

Grain base

White rice is a very good base. However, if you want to use fancy rice, you can make a warm wild rice salad with, you know, black rice. It is rich in protein and dietary fiber and will certainly bring originality to your plate.

Quinoa is also a very good base for your salad. This superfood is full of good stuff! It is three times richer in fiber than rice, good for the heart, high in protein, and more. A well-seasoned quinoa will add spice and spice to your salad.

How about bulgur? This porridge has a number of advantages: it aids digestion, is a source of vitamin B, and is also rich in dietary fiber! So many good reasons that make you want to eat it.

salad base

The favorite salad of the French is lettuce, it seduces with its very tender and fresh leaves. We also find oak leaf, which is a gourmet salad with a slight taste of hazelnut or endive. this little one.

In the same family, lamb salad, spinach or arugula are perfect for your hot salads. Lamb salad and spinach can be eaten raw or cooked, while arugula will spice up your plate with its light acidity.

potato base

The French favorite starch is perfect as a base for a warm salad. You can serve them cold or warm. The advantage of potatoes is that they are economical and fill you up quickly.

Here are some hot salad recipes.

Warm salad with stomach

Warm potato and bacon salad

Warm chickpea salad with spinach and tomatoes

Warm salad with endive

Hot Asian squid salad with pineapple

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