gourmet recipes inspired by Pinterest

gourmet recipes inspired by Pinterest

In winter, we put everything on a hot, warming dish. In summer, just the opposite. We need freshness on the plate. We are also crazy about salads of all kinds for this reason, which we refuse in abundance. Our brains double in summer creativity not to get bored simple green salads which, to put it bluntly, are not very nutritious. Even if it’s hot, we need to eat right. Therefore, we do not hesitate to include proteins in it. lettuce or starches. you know lettuce pastafrom rice, potato or even from Quinoaand we love them all. But we often forget that tuna has nutritional superpowers.

Tuna salad: super food for your plates!

Tuna is full of goodness and it’s eat without measure. Very tasty, tuna is rich phosphorus and vitamin Dwhich contribute healthy bones and therefore produce muscle massas well as red meat. Tuna sea ​​protein. But that’s not all. he also rich in selenium, a trace elementt antioxidant power. In short, tuna is good and can be found in absolutely all your salads. We are clearly thinking about the classics nicoise salade or with rice and tuna salad. But that’s not all. Focus on this super food.

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