Green salads: delicious varieties to grow

Green salads: delicious varieties to grow

The word “salad” originally referred to a dish of raw or boiled vegetables, always served cold. It comes from the Italian insalataa term that has been used in France since 1345. Among these plants are the “green salads” which are the subject of this dossier.

salads green is most often bowl The Mediterranean Sea and traces of it have been found in Egyptian tombs. Likewise, lettuce was one of the plants that Moses commanded to surround the Passover lamb.

The few green salads we eat today were brought to France in the 14th century anyway.and century chamberlain of King Charles V, a certain Bureau de La Rivière.

Several varieties of green salads

Since then, breeders have, of course, worked to create a large number varieties green salads with new characteristics, for example, better resistance to various diseases.

These salads have noticeable medicinal qualities. Poor in calories and rich antioxidantsfiber, vitamins And in Omega 3they help us reduce fat accumulation and limit speed lipids in blood. Anti-stress, they promote sleep.

For the first time, astronauts have eaten lettuce grown entirely in zero gravity. This is a salad. A historic event memorialized by NASA in this video. © NASA

There are two main families of green salads: lettuces and chicoryto which various plants are added, such as mutton salad, arugula, dandelionquadrilateral (see also our page called “Tetragonium, a variety of tasty spinach”which is part of our dedicated file unusual vegetables), etc.

Our file takes a look at these various plants, highlighting a few growing tips you should follow in your garden and then case preservation. Green salads can be a wide variety of dishes, both as a main course and as a side dish, when paired with other vegetables such as asparagus, radish, tomatoes, etc. and various sausages…

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