How to save green salad and stop throwing it away?

How to save green salad and stop throwing it away?

There is nothing more annoying than a wilted salad after two days in the fridge. Okay, there are definitely worse things! But what about a few tips to keep your salad crisp?

When it’s too wet or forgotten at the bottom of the vegetable drawer, lettuce tends to wilt too fast for our taste. Not to mention the dull leaves, even blackened at the end. Here are some tips to know how to store salad so that it stays fresh and appetizing longer.

How to store lettuce?

Obviously this works with vegetable storage of all kinds: the more you buy over time, the better. But when it’s hard to stock up a few times a week, there are tricks to extend the lifespan. crispy salad.

Room temperature or more crispy?

If you plan to eat a freshly bought beautiful salad on the same day or at the latest the next day, do not need to be refrigerated. best kept in a basket or salad bowl at room temperature. If you have the option, please select cooler room in home.
In any case, don’t forget to take it out of the package.

save the salad

Wash the lettuce thoroughly – © Pj Aun

If you do not prepare it on the same day, be aware thatlettuce is not stored in the vegetable drawer for more than three short days. Things to keep in mind when planning your menu.

Before placing in the refrigerator, rinse it with clean water and wring it out.

In what container?

There are three schools for this:

  • those who store washed lettuce leaves in clean kitchen towel ;
  • supporters bowlprovided that you take care to put a cloth or paper towel on the bottom;
  • in team glass jug tightly closed.

The social media acclaimed version!

You may have seen this trick to keep your salad alive for weeks. It is enough to put the leaves in sealed container filled with water. We haven’t tried it yet, but why not! It remains to be seen whether the nutritional qualities of the salad will be preserved after a long stay in the refrigerator …

Crispy salad every time

Oops, you forgot the salad at the bottom of the trash can! Withered leaves are not a very pretty sight. But there is certainly a way to give them a boost.

Get a raw salad

If the leaves are slightly flattened, submerge them for 2-3 minutes. in warm water, then transfer them to a bowl of very cold water. with ice cubes for 10 minutes. Thus you will create Heatstroke which should revive less healthy salads.

Prepare the salad so as not to waste (and enjoy!)

There, of course, incorrigible! However, waste is out of the question… Lettuce is a very simple green vegetable that can be add to dishes at the end of cooking.

Feel free to make a big deal out of this:

  • For example, by mixing it with other vegetables, peas, potatoes or pasta in gratin melts well.
  • You can also make one soup frying the onion in oil. Add lettuce leaves and a clove of garlic. Pour in the vegetable broth and simmer for a few minutes before mixing.
  • Finally, act like the Neapolitans who love cooked salad ! For the recipe, simply sauté olives, pine nuts, raisins, and capers in olive oil. Add lettuce leaves and cover. Let reduce slowly. And so!
Banner illustration: Crispy and fresh salad – © Ekaterina Kondratova

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