La Louche d’Or finally returns to Wazemmes and is looking for its volunteers

La Louche d’Or finally returns to Wazemmes and is looking for its volunteers

We have been living without the Lille Soup Festival for almost three years. Even if it takes time to make a good soup, we personally believe that we have already cooked enough and that Wazemmes deserves to find its festival on May 1st. But such ventilation requires organization and, above all, a group of volunteers working for several days. If you want to join this joyful epic, then now.

For those who landed in Lille after May 2019, we’ll do it again in a nutshell: every May 1st, a fairly large number of Lille residents head merrily to the Vasemmes area on foot, bike or skateboard. Because on May 1, there is no public transport in Lille, but the International Soup Festival, aka the Golden Dipper, takes place.

This is the cultural association Attacafa, which is hiding behind. In addition to choosing the best soup of the year, she creates a rich and diverse street cultural program. There are several throughout the area and it lasts all day in a festive and folk atmosphere. Something like this happens on May 1 in Vasemmes.

And even if it seems that organizing this is easy, it still requires the strength and motivation of people so that the day goes smoothly for the artists, for the contestants, and for the audience. . “We need 100 volunteers in total.“ sums up Camille d’Attacafa. To sum it up, here are the missions they might have to complete over the weekend:

  • Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April for the arrangement of the site (preparation of bars, locker rooms, catering, decoration, signage, etc.)
  • Sunday 1 May for a bar, information point, sale of bowls and goodies, Green team (garbage sorting, informing the population, installation of bicycle parking, etc.), candidate registration, soup warming point, rue de soup assembly and disassembly, artists reception, catering
  • Monday, May 2 to dismantle the site

If you like it, you can register online right here. Of course, you are not asked to complete all four days in a row and all missions. The form is right there so you can indicate your availability and the missions that interest you the most. And when it comes to Wazemmes, there’s collusion between the volunteers that happens naturally on every release, don’t worry.

If you have any questions, just send an email to We can already answer two of them:

  • yes, you can volunteer even if you have never participated in any soup festival.
  • yes, you can also use this address to register for the soup contest and submit your best recipe on May 1st.

Into your pots!

We leave you the La Louche d’Or YouTube channel to relive the last 19 editions in music and images.

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