Lyon.  Soup on stage, 9 in the recipe!  –

Lyon. Soup on stage, 9 in the recipe! –

Eva Burgin

Organizer: Chef Fabrice Bonnot, 9thand Soupe en Scène returns to its pavilion on the Place de la République. As usual, different soups will be prepared for the public, flavored with several new products.

“The idea is to bring people together and create a popular and festive event. Soup is a simple recipe that will suit everyone,” adds Fabrice Bonnot, the creator of the event, is only fifty years old. The soup is presented in six recipes, the proceeds of which will be donated to the foyer of Notre-Dame de Saint-Abri. The desire to come back and offer proposals accessible to all… Soupe en Scène will offer a collective platform and solidarity menu based on soups (from 3 euros per plate to 12 euros per liter, approx. ed.).

Founder of the Lyon association Envie d’un Sourire, chef and owner of the restaurant Cuisine et Dépendances has always wanted to combine good tastes with solidarity. Fabrice Bonnot’s menu contains promotions for the less fortunate, such as “On the Wax Bush”, designed for children by iHOPE. Thus, the latest edition of Soupe en Scène raised 91,000 euros and funded 3,500 dinners in the foyer of Notre Dame des Sans Abri.

Solidarity Gala Menu in Clique and Gathering as a novelty

A desire to cook that extends to cooks. The gastronomic menu, organized by Fabrice Bonnot, will be offered by the six best chefs of the Envie d’un Sourire association. Bookings will be made on a collective platform and profits will go to the lobby of Notre-Dame des Sans Abri. “We want to bring real taste. Menus will be merged with soup recipes. Each will cost 29.50 euros,” says the chef.

More than a year after the last release of Soupe en Scène, Fabrice Bonnot is finally about to return to his favorite event.

This new platform will also be used to reserve seats for free presentations led by artists from different worlds such as magic, the 80s or even hypnosis. “Each storefront is limited to 150 seats,” he adds. The cooks behind the ovens hope to rise to the challenge and break the record for 1.2 tons of vegetables or 3,750 liters of soups cooked and sold in 2020… but above all, to warm as many hearts as possible, whatever that may be. are!


Friday 12 November

10:00 am: Soup sale opens.

4:30 pm: Magician and hypnotist Fabien de Forest.

17:15: Singer Jovan

5:30 pm: Singer Victoria Sio

18:00: Showcase with artist Cephaz.

18:20: Showcase with rap group 47 TER

7:00 pm: Magician-artist Dorian McNamara

7:45 pm: Singer Jean Pierre Morgan

20:15: DJ Adrien Jogler Scoop

Saturday 13 November

10:00 am: opening of soup sales

From 14:00 to 15:00: Voice contest of young talents in a show case and live on Facebook.

15:00: Singer Jovan

3:30 pm: DJ Adrien Jogler Radio Scoop

4:30 pm: Presentation by Eva Angeli

5:00 pm: DJ Adrien Jogler Radio Scoop

5:30 pm: 80s set

Soup on stage
November 12-13, 2021, p.Lace of the Republic – Lyon 2
Stage Animations: Free and Free Access
Entertainment “Soup and more”: for a fee, 5 soup recipes: from 3 euros per plate to 12 euros per liter.
Collective platform:
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Next upcoming event:
6and edition” We register for them,” December 22, 2021, on Republic Square.

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