Make a red fruit vinaigrette like in Top Chef to spice up your recipes.

Make a red fruit vinaigrette like in Top Chef to spice up your recipes.

This is the key ingredient that will change your recipes: red fruit vinaigrette. Check out what the candidates proposed yesterday at Top Chef, as well as our recipe ideas!

Last night at Top Chef, two candidates offered a last chance red fruit-themed vinaigrette to spice up their dish. This idea immediately seduced us and made us want to share our recipes for red fruit vinaigrettes so that you, too, can treat yourself like members of the Top Chef jury!

If this red fruit idea tempts you, you can find other raspberry recipe ideas in our magazine of the month for april! Little taste recipes you go to be able to discover : 1 minute fish toast with raspberries and raspberry vinegar ; sardines marinated in raspberries, and also (here already salivating), tomato salad with burrata, raspberry vinaigrette.

Vinaigrettes at Top Chef

It was Lucy and Logan who suggested two vinaigrettes at Top Chef last night to improve their meals. Lucy made it possible to bind the Tartar. It consisted of various red fruits and hazelnut oil. Hazelnut oil softens the sour side of red fruits without masking it. But also some lime.

From Logan’s side, it’s the amazing raspberry mustard duo we find in his vinaigrette. A bold mix that invigorates! To achieve this Logan explains that he uses raspberries, balsamic vinegar (slightly sweet vinegar), olive oil, mustard, salt and pepper. It’s child’s play, but the result is stunning and goes a long way with green salad, fish tartare, scallop carpaccio, and even meats like foie gras.

Our red fruit vinaigrette recipe ideas

Did the Top Chef Candidate Dishes make you want to? Here’s a raspberry vinaigrette recipe that’s perfect with goat cheese salad, duck breast, poultry, or scallops, for example.
small + : add some lime (like Lucy in Top Chef)

raspberry vinaigrette

Have you fallen in love with Logan’s mustard-raspberry vinaigrette? We have found a recipe that comes close and to which we have to add 2.3 ingredients. Here it is a vinaigrette of mustard, honey and tarragon. We are missing a key element, raspberries. After step 2 of the recipe, you can take a good handful of raspberries, then rub them through a sieve, crush them. Add filtered raspberries to the preparation, stir and enjoy!

Advice : You can also use red fruits instead of raspberries. If it’s out of season, you can buy them frozen.

Vinaigrette of honey, mustard and tarragon

More Red Fruit Vinaigrette Ideas

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