miso soup recipe

miso soup recipe

Miso soup is one of the great classics. Japanese kitchen. Like rice and suimono soups, it is suitable for traditional Japanese dishes. Served hot, mostly miso. soy paste flavored and fermented, as well as dashi, fish broth.

It can be eaten alone or as a side dish for rice, sushi, meat or vegetable dishes.

easy miso soup recipe

Quick and easy to prepare miso soup recipe perfect for all seasons. To succeed, we draw inspiration from Tang brotherswell-known stores specializing in Asian products.

For 4 people

½ piece of tofu
1 leek
some onion
Some wakame (algae)
2 teaspoons Dashi “Hon-dashi”
60 g miso

Cut the tofu into small cubes.

Chop the leeks, green onions and wakame.

Heat 600 ml of water, then add 2 tbsp. Give coffee, vegetables and tofu.

Add 60 g of miso and continue to cook over medium heat for a few minutes.

You can add other ingredients according to your taste.

Warning: After adding dashi and miso paste, always heat them over medium heat and never boil them.

miso soup alternative

If the prescription for Miso soup is quite traditional, many alternatives have emerged over the years. Thus, it can adapt to all desires and tastes of everyone.

If we usually find seasonal vegetables, seaweed and sometimes pieces of tofu to get away from the traditional recipe of this japanese soup, some add mushrooms, aromatic herbs, as well as poached eggs or noodles. Others, for example, replace tofu with chicken. You can also add certain spices to spice it up a little or add flavor. Some change dashi to vegetable soup or poultry.

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