new link to meat salads in the Kit 10 line

new link to meat salads in the Kit 10 line

Florette Food Service continues to support its customers in promoting their range of appetizers year round with a new fall salad recipe in their Kit 10 range: Southwest Salad.

10 Salad Set: All the ingredients you need to quickly prepare 10 fresh and gourmet salads are available in the box.

For catering professionals, the 10 salad set designed by Florette Food Service is a service that presents many advantages : saving time (it takes 7 minutes to assemble 10 salads), space (one box), logistics, labor, anti-waste solution (all ingredients are portioned to make 10 salads), tear protection and guarantee of practicality, freshness and quality.

Florette Food Service, developed in collaboration with a culinary expert, offers 6 annual recipes, 2 seasonal recipes and event recipes.

For this autumn, a new recipe is proposed, both refined and balanced:

  • Salad Southwest: green salad mix, potato mix, confit duck gizzards, green beans and tomatoes, croutons.

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