The best accompaniment to Chinese fondue

The best accompaniment to Chinese fondue

Every winter we are happy to meet in couples or more for a fondue platter. There are as many seasonings for Chinese fondue as there are family gatherings!

We love Chinese fondue not only for its simplicity and friendliness, but also for its unique way of bringing us back to our roots by making us slow down.

Even if it is difficult to change the classics, we have found some original recipes to reinvent the dishes that accompany Chinese fondue.

The best additions to Chinese fondue:

1. Pickled mushrooms

To diversify the pleasures, we like to dip vegetables in a fondue dish. Whether it’s broccoli, cauliflower, or mushrooms, veggies strike a good balance while offering freshness. Here our chef offers you to marinate mushrooms.

Discover the Recipe: Pickled Mushrooms


2. Homemade focaccia with onions

Chinese fondue wouldn’t be the same without the crispy baguette. Instead of buying it from the grocery store, we suggest you make homemade onion focaccia. Think again, the recipe is easier than you think!

Discover the Recipe: Homemade Focaccia with Onions


3. Potato gratin

Depending on the family, Chinese fondue can be served with rice, rice noodles, or potatoes. Instead of serving a baked potato, serve this potato gratin… to die for!

Discover the Recipe: Potato Gratin


4. Chinese fondue dumplings

Who doesn’t love Christmas balls? If you prepare them in advance, you can put them in the center of the table so that guests themselves cook in fondue broth.

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5. Fattoush salad

Instead of serving the classic green salad with Chinese fondue, serve a fattoush salad. Garnished with sweet peppers, fresh mint and radishes, this dish will add color (and joy) to your table!

Discover the Recipe: Fattoush Salad


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