The Truth About Green Lettuce

The Truth About Green Lettuce

Then Ben, madmoizelle, what’s with that salad?
The truth about lettuce? Hmm… What if the truth was somewhere else? (5 second X files)
And if the truth about lettuce, this unloved beauty, can rather be found at the level of a rather meager diet of our fellows? Salad is a universe of taste discoveries and freshness.

First, “lettuce” is not a vegetable, but a common name for many varieties of leafy vegetables that are edible to humans.

The lack of variety on the plates of my neighbors/buddies/dinner buddies in the UK (when I have to go, poof) or when we dine with our food is obvious to say the least.
My girlfriends, for example, didn’t all know that there’s a hell of a list of vegetables to add to a salad and that you can make a homemade vinaigrette in less than 5 minutes without being a Topchef finalist.
They always go back to the “green salad” from the supermarket, which very often doesn’t taste much, and isn’t sold very fresh, all drizzled (if not drowned) in an industrial sauce with stupid ingredients, even mayonnaise. This is noooord!
Worst of all, they complain about the lack of “salad” flavor to justify an overdose of vinaigrette/mayonnaise and I’m silent, yes. Without saying a word, I watch as the mesmerizing design of this avalanche of agri-food engineered fats spreads over old, shriveled lettuce leaves, then quickly consumed by moral obligation, not taste.

The famous lettuce is good food for our little body, why? She gives us:

– some phenolic compounds and carotenoids => antioxidant
– fiber, soluble => lowers blood cholesterol levels
– vitamins (A, K except iceberg, B9, C), iron, manganese

Good to know: The antioxidants in lettuce are better absorbed when you eat it high in fat.
So a vinaigrette with an interesting oil (olive, grape seed, a mixture of several oils, walnut, hazelnut, rapeseed, etc.) is good for health.

And the level of choice for the leaves we have a wide choice between different lettuces, chicory, dandelion, purslane, watercress, arugula… As long as I don’t just munch on “iceberg” or an expensive boiled packet of discount mixed lettuce (which I also buy , but which I add to other vegetables).

Moreover, in “salads”, side dishes, appetizers or main dishes, you do not have to limit yourself to one green salad at the level of vegetables. We also have a wide selection of vegetables/fruits that can be eaten raw: spinach, bok choy, kale, chicory, chard, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, papaya (green or even ripe), peppers, corn, beets. , celery, fennel, edible flowers, etc.

And we can even, let’s get crazy, include cooked things like green beans, red/white/pink beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, eggplant, turnips…
You can also make a very satisfying “salad” by adding grains or starches: potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, semolina, rice, pasta…

Not to mention other ingredients common to many salads: cheeses, fish/meat, croutons, seeds and above all a good vinaigrette with different oils/vinegars that change with the season.

Another note: I was under the impression that most salad lovers in mainland France eat “salad” at the end of a meal, whereas at home (on the island) it was more like an appetizer or even directly with a main course (or even a mega-main course). salad).
A habit inherited from a cheese plate at the end of a meal served with lettuce?

I laid the paving stones, sorry but the resume and I are still looking for each other :rotate:

Good salads for those who crunch right now
And a good app for everyone

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