This healthy “fast food” will quickly become your new favorite place!

This healthy “fast food” will quickly become your new favorite place!

When it comes to lunch, light meals are often the best option! We agree that after we’ve eaten a large serving of lasagna at lunchtime, it’s much harder to focus on the tasks we need to complete for the rest of the day.

Luckily, the city of Montreal is full of healthy eateries, and this proves to be a very good option if you want to enjoy a light and tasty dinner. in fast food the new kind food chain sure to please your stomach with a variety of dishes, each great for your health.

concept of something food chain very simple: reinvent fast food by serving dishes prepared with the finest fresh ingredients and prepared by expert chefs. In fact, a Montreal company that does business with Loofah Farms promises smoothies, bowls and salads made from organic vegetables.

To make your mouth water, here are some of the options you can order during your visit to food chain:

#1 Coconut-carrot bowl

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

If you want to fill your belly with a meal full of organic vegetables, this bowl is definitely a good choice!

#2 Smoothie with beetroot and red fruits

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

This vibrant smoothie is the perfect accompaniment to your lunch!

#3 Cabbage salad with radish

Credit: @quotidi.cuisine via IG

Combining flavor and freshness, this salad is sure to please your taste buds!

#4 Yuzu cabbage smoothie

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

If you want to do detox your digestive system, this smoothie is sure to please you!

#5 Magic bread

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

These downright decadent pastries are perfect for ending dinner on a sweet note.

#6 Smoothie Bowl

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

These cocktails bowls reinvented, perfect for an on-the-go snack that you can enjoy as snack afternoon.

#7 Bowl with red cabbage and colorful carrots

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

reinforced healthy ingredients, this bowl will introduce you to a whole world of flavors!

#8 Pineapple-coconut smoothie

Credit: @eatfoodchain via IG

Here’s a smoothie that’s sure to please your digestive system and goes great with your delicious salad!

#9 Apple beet salad

Credit: @triooo_fooducoin via IG

This green salad with lemon mustard dressing is sure to make you want to eat healthier on a regular basis.

#10 Great shots

Credit: @eatfoodchain via IG

With an explosive taste, these shots lots of great ingredients great for getting you back on track hook!

#11 Salad with fennel Daikon

Credit: @twofoodphotographers via IG

Combining ingredients of all kinds, this salad is delicious!

#12 Blueberry smoothie with basil

Credit: @twofoodphotographers screenshot via IG

Loaded with antioxidants, this smoothie is sure to lift your spirits after your lunch break.

In short, we love it fast food health for the large selection of healthy foods found there and for the quality of the organic ingredients that are used to make these 100% delicious salads and smoothies!

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1212 McGill College Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4J8

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