This Is What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

You might not realize it, but the way you sit depends on your mood, and according to psychologists, a lot can be understood from the way a person sits. Depending on how you organize your body, your personality, intentions, and even your hidden desires can be realized. This is a great way to subtly test someone’s personality without probing too much.

Position 1

People who sit like this are guided by the rule: “Keep your head covered and the beast will leave!” In some cases, this is something to be grateful for, but not necessarily. They are informative and do not tire people. They can certainly cope with different circumstances and are really resourceful, but they behave a bit stupid and therefore sometimes still treacherous. They regularly mourn their words.

Position 2

Such people are visionaries, which means that they have great creative energy and call themselves the spirit of the organization or group. They constantly have new and amazing ideas, and that’s why they don’t get tired. They have to meet new partners and they have to travel around the world. Every Monday or New Year, a new page of life opens for them and they can change their city, state, appearance, business and even their partner in crime in a short period of time.

Position 3

They must be consistent. They hate to shop or spend too much time, but no doubt appreciate that they choose the best cream or fragrance for them. When it comes to clothes, they are extremely picky and fussy. These people have difficulty maintaining fixation for longer periods of time, so they can get away from the subject without much effort.

Position 4

These people depend on time, they are never late, and because of this they despise sitting for others. They are really sensitive, intelligent and insightful. If someone expresses his feelings in an open place, he will feel embarrassed. They are open and usually speak specifically to meet. They are ready to limit everyone and can quickly launch a counter attack.

Position 5

These people must first receive the proper training and calling before starting a family. They are still set at times, which can make them really stubborn. The main gestures of support for these people are aspirations and they need to go where everything they could ever hope for works as expected. In general, they need to look good when they go out, but at the same time have a little bit of fragility when it counts.

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