“Top Chef” Season 13 Episode 10: Potato & Citrus Stars, Lucy eliminated.

“Top Chef” Season 13 Episode 10: Potato & Citrus Stars, Lucy eliminated.

A simple meal, potatoes are bursting, squashed, puffed up and pounded in all directions to evoke the senses of British triple fry chef Heston Blumenthal. The 10th episode of the 13th season of Best Chef, which aired this Thursday, April 21, on channel M 6, returned Lilian, a hypermarket manager from Oise, who is aiming to reach the quarterfinals to open his table, and Thibault at the green star head (environmental innovation) in Paris.

After two hours, Thibaut is recaptured, but he will continue the adventure alone, without a chef to train him. As for Lillian of Glenn Veale’s crew, he was highly skilled from the start with his sphere-bound potato velouté, a stunning colorful plate garnished with smoked eels and olive oil. “A sublime aesthetic, very well balanced on all levels,” boasts Heston Blumenthal.

Second place went to Pascal and Mikael with their creation “La frite pour mon enfant”, designed by the second, a Nordic man who crushed French fries for his son to eat. Philip Etchebest embraces his winners in delight.

“Each bite makes you delight, it’s crazy and elegant”

The six remaining chefs were to compete on a citrus-themed theme inspired by culinary competition regular Gilles Goujon. This 3-star chef from Aude gives valuable advice to energetic youngsters. “Be careful with your lemon chilli cream, Louise, it’s too strong.” He warns the Belgian Arnaud: “You won’t surprise anyone with your lemon meringue pie.” He encourages Sebastian of the Pas de Calais to be a “rock ‘n’ roller” by focusing on his grapefruit salad, which “doesn’t make him dream”. Several effective spikes lean into boiling brains. A lot of pressure, a pantry race to find the original citrus fruit, Buddha’s hand with a ripe apple flavor or calamansi, this Asian fruit with a bitter orange flavor. It is also “Top Chef”, where you can find fruits with the names of exotic deities.

The cooks’ blind test puts Parisian Wilfrid’s citrus dish at the top of the list, sublimating a mixture of pomelo, lime and romanesco cabbage. Arnaud saves his lemon tart, and Louise’s cheeky, spicy red orange delights Pascal Barbeau’s taste buds. Astrance Chef (2 stars) in Paris fills in for Helene Darroze, unavailable for this episode. “I love it! He’s addicted. With every bite, bang, bam, crazy and elegant. Louise enjoys. She’ll be the only woman left in the competition. For her part, Lucie, the chef of Nantes, is ditching her iodized citrus fruits that taste like oysters.” was stronger than the taste of grapefruit.

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