Trade in Lisieux: salads, pastries and quiches will be offered at the Costé bar

Trade in Lisieux: salads, pastries and quiches will be offered at the Costé bar

The salad bar will open on Rue Pont-Mortain in mid-October.
The salad bar will open on Rue Pont-Mortain in mid-October. (© Pays d’Auge)

Empty room Manor gardens Been working for a month now. “We didn’t necessarily plan to start work in Lisieux so quickly, but the premises were free. We signed 1 month ago and immediately after that we started working,” says Mikael Flao, one of two partners.

With Little Coste, aged 27, they embark on a salad bar project to become a chain. The first one was scheduled for Deauville (Calvados). “We are having issues with the venue we were considering, but eventually we will do something in Deauville. This is not the first romance between the two men. The gallery-tea house was kept for 3 months. They also wanted to “diversify” the art market.

Salads to compose

Inspired by a former establishment in Deauville, they are going to propose the principle of making a salad based on green salad or cold pasta. “Customers will be able to add seasonings, they can add four or more to the formula, but it will be additional. Twelve condiments will be served year-round, while the other two will change seasonally. »

Four sandwiches The “French Classic” will also be offered with bread baked on site “and quality ingredients such as authentic Parisian ham.” bakeryfrom cakeswhich will be prepared by a Pastry Chef who is currently hiring.

For hot custard pies will be sold. “We need quality, but it will be at an affordable price, a recipe with salad, drink and dessert will cost between 11 and 12 euros. “Indignant Little Costeanother person was recruited for the sale.

Outdoor terrace

Inside the building under construction, where local companies work, there will be “eight to ten seats.” The walls are completely cleaned, the windows are redone.

Thanks to the City Hall’s proposal, the store will have a terrace with approximately 30 seats. “The plants will remain, but the bench and other outdoor furniture will be removed,” he clarifies. Mikael Flao in front of the store. The store also has a 45 square meter reserve that will serve as a laboratory and where four cold rooms will be stored.

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Two test days in favor of the Red Cross

Before the opening of the Costé bar, managers organize two test days. The institution will be opened ahead of schedule in the interests of the Red Cross. One hundred meals will be distributed free of charge.

in cost bar should open by mid-October. Managers are already planning to form a partnership with Uber eats for delivery and offer free coupons to “hospital, court, merchant employees to open and try our offer.”

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