Vegetarian Salad Recipe Ideas – Marie Claire

Vegetarian Salad Recipe Ideas – Marie Claire

In a family of easy-to-make vegetarian recipes, we ask for a salad. This great classic of everyday cooking has it all: Relatively balanced and easy to make, the veggie salad is available depending on the season and your desires and can be made up of vegetables, grains or legumes. Finishing touch vegetarian salad successful ? Homemade vinaigrette sauce infused with aromatic herbs or seasoned with a little chili pepper to bring out the flavor vegetable salad.

If its ingredients are well chosen, vegetarian salad recipe you can get a complete, nutrient-rich dish that has nothing to envy those that contain meat or fish. To be complete homemade veggie salad should consist of 3 main nutrients: proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. These three types of ingredients can be supplemented with fibers, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of the body. However, it is not necessary that vegetable salad is complete at all meals, you should adapt your formulations to suit your overall diet: if you are on a daily vegetarian diet, or if you cut down on meat products only a few days a week. Among the foods containing the most vegetable protein: chickpeas, lentils, cereals, seeds …

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The right combinations for a successful vegetarian salad

When we think vegetarian salad, we often imagine a green salad or a traditional tomato salad with mozzarella that can be prepared in no time as soon as the warm weather returns. But there are many other flavor combinations for make a salad without meat and fish. Among them, one cannot fail to mention vegetarian pasta salads. Ideal for overcooked penne, pasta salad should be paired with feta, chickpeas, raw vegetables or pickled vegetables in summer and zucchini and mushrooms (butter squash, squash, etc.) in autumn and winter. Those vegetarian salad recipes can be served with rice, quinoa, bulgur or semolina for a tabouleh style salad. Another option is potato salad, a simple and economical dish that will satisfy even the greediest without animal protein.

Our best veggie salad recipes

cabbage, tomato, pasta or rice salad, vegetarian salad recipes available indefinitely, depending on seasonal products as well as your desires! Get inspired by our ideas to design your menu without meat and fish all year round. We have prepared original seasonings, salty and sweet mixes and amazing combinations of vegetables for original vegetarian salads.

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