Very successful “Cook Soup” with several flavors.

Very successful “Cook Soup” with several flavors.

A great success for this new edition of Make Soup organized by 15.8 festivities on this beautiful sunny Saturday.

The jury and the public tasted at least nineteen soups from six associations and twelve merchants.

At the beginning of the event (church square) it was possible to arm yourself with the perfect soup tasting set (cup, pencil and manual) to discover tastings in the streets of Saint-Ambroix. At least a hundred people voted on the price of the public and about twice as many tasted (difficult to count, because some came with their own plate).

Beautiful and original surprises with cold raspberry beetroot soup at the Le Provençal bar or chicory and boursin soup at the small beauty institute.


At the end of the day, the winners determined the jury prize: the golden pot on avenue Bracero and Cese for Sevenol soup, the silver pot was awarded to the ASSA handball company for the Italian soup, and the bronze award to the Romi association. Now I hear, tomorrow I want to see Ukrainian borscht for my solidarity.

The Audience Award went to Les P’tits Coquins for Petitous soup.

Usually in December during a bullfight with frozen beef and as tradition dictates, the winning soup will be served on arrival to warm up the runners.

Recipe of dish

The winner of the first prize presents his recipe: for five liters of soup: 1.5 kg of courgettes, 1.5 kg of peeled boiled chestnuts, 1 kg of Cévennes sweet onions, three fresh pelardons, two tablespoons of heavy cream, two tablespoons of salt and a tablespoon fresh coriander. Boil three liters of water with half salt, add zucchini and sweet onions, peeled and diced. When it boils, add the chestnuts and petaradon. After simmering for thirty minutes, add chopped coriander, cream and remaining salt. Stir, soup is ready.

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