why almost a hundred years old caesar salad is still liked

why almost a hundred years old caesar salad is still liked

The French returned to restaurants on May 19 after several months of closure. Summer is here, what are their desires? Tartars, carpaccio… and salads, according to TheFork poll.

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Obviously, therefore, healthy raw meals keep food from containing vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes …

Favorite Caesar salad of the French

This summer’s favorite salad is still Caesar. Why ? Because it combines freshness, lightness and tenderness.

Caesar salad is originally made with romaine lettuce leaves, garlic croutons, hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs, lemon juice, parmesan shavings, and of course, the famous white egg sauce. And no chicken in this recipe! Then there were options, according to the desires of consumers and the imagination of restaurateurs, so with the addition of chicken, as well as anchovies, bacon …

Many great chefs from all over the world have revisited it, such as Cyril Lignac in the 2020 self-isolation program “Tous en kitchen” on the M6. Star chefs no longer hesitate to return it to the menu.

It is performed on the “edge of the table”.

Do you know his story? The most common, told by Italian-American chef Caesar Cardini’s daughter at his Caesar’s restaurant in Tijuana, northwest Mexico, is that the creation is “the result of a burst of ingredients.”

Let’s go back to July 4, 1924. On the Independence Day of the United States in the restaurant crowd. Stocks are running out. Not one, not two, Cesar Cardini improvises with what’s in the kitchen to feed all his customers. “Caesar Salad” is inspired by a family Italian recipe from his childhood. He implements it on the “edge of the table”, the success is instant, he becomes popular very quickly.

Adapt food to temperature

Caesar salad will be good in the hot weather that will set in this weekend. Because food has to adapt to high temperatures.

In the heat, I prefer to eat foods rich in water: watermelon, green salad, cucumber, tomato … Fresh fruits and vegetables are required, preferably raw, as well as yogurt and cottage cheese. Egg, rich in protein and easily digestible, will also be an ally, especially since it can be cooked with all sauces, both hot and cold.

Basically, anything that involves sugar, fat, alcohol, and caffeine should be avoided when mercury levels are high.

The survey was conducted in April 2021 among 230 respondents, users of TheFork.

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