can i ask you something Ladies and gentlemen, did you know that many European and American girls are using this amazing and amazingly useful method (cabbage leaf breast)?

The solution is YES, many women put cabbage leaves on their breasts. Watch the video below to learn more about this method.

Cabbage leaves are used to reduce breast lumps and reduce pain and discomfort that can be triggered during breastfeeding. This method is very helpful in relieving the pain and anxiety caused by wearing an embarrassing bra.

According to experts, cabbage leaves have the same properties as magnets, they remove all diseases and disorders from our body. This means that if you are breastfeeding, if you apply cold cabbage leaves to your breasts, it will not only soothe but also help with breast swelling and pain.


Put the cabbage in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
If it’s cold enough, peel off the outer covering of the leaves and throw them away.
To use, pull two of the inner leaves.
Wash these two inner leaves with cold water.
Note: Make sure they are clean and free of pesticides, dirt and residue.
Cut the stem of the leaf so that it fits your nipple properly without damaging the nipple.
Put sterilized, cold cabbage leaves on the breast.
Now you need to wrap the leaves around the breast, but make the nipple sensitive.
If you take care of the nipple leaves, it will help to keep the skin around the nipple dry and free of damage.
Leave the leaves for 20 minutes or until warm.
Wean them off.
Copy if necessary.
Ladies, it is important to remember this – if you are still breastfeeding and want to use cabbage leaves to reduce breast swelling and relieve breast congestion, you should stop this treatment as soon as you notice an improvement in your breasts. , and the tumor disappeared.

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